Umurage Nyawo Concert

The 2018 Umurage Nyawo Concert raised money for the family of the late Minani Rwema, a Rwandan legend.

CTP offers another program, the Umurage Nyawo (True Legacy) Concert, which is a cultural initiative that focuses on celebrating Rwandan musical legends and highlights their contributions to society through traditional concerts.


Umurage Nyawo brings young and old together to celebrate for a cause, by donating all proceeds to identified social initiatives. Umurage Nyawo provides an experiential learning component to the CTP program in that all students who attend the camp receive a concert ticket and experience the bridging of the aforementioned age gap. 

The 2017 Umurage Nyawo Concert in honor of Rwandan singer and legend, Kamaliza.
In 2017, Umurage Nyawo raised one million Rwandan Francs for Uwanjye Mariya, the sister of cultural legend Kamaliza, who raises orphans from the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

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